inconceivable!emjay's lj

All a girl wants is universal enlightenment and a decent paycheck

14 August 1981
Is: Ingénue_Em a.k.a. the artist formerly known as inconceivable_emjay

Adores: My Cats, Literature, Animals, Icons, Flowers, Writing

Wants: romance, laughter, a "Subsisto Verus" tattoo on my back, my own Edward Cullen, and inner peace

100x100, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, a blank canvas, alex o'laughlin, angelic, angels, animals, art, art prints, audrey hepburn, audrey style, authors, ballet flats, bareassgnome, bareassgnome revolution, bella, books, borders, breakfast at tiffany's, catch-22, cats, chantilly lace, charity, chocolate, christopher meloni, chuck taylors, classical music, clavicle, clothes, coffee, colour balance, colour swatches, columbo, costume balls, creating icons, crowded house, dahlias, dexter, diaries, diet coke, dogs, dreaming, dwayne johnson, earth, edward and bella, edward cullen, elijah wood's fauxhawk, english, evil homer, fashion, feeling strong, floral arranging, floristry, flowers, fonts, french, french chic, fuckses, gillian anderson, graphic design, green tea, happiness, harmony, harry potter, history, homer simpson, honesty, icons, ingénue, interior design, journals, kittens, kurt halsey, light, literature, livejournal, livejournal icons, london, margaret atwood, materials, melbourne, michael c hall, mick and beth, moonlight, mulder and scully, music, my cats, my fandom icons, mythology, omgwtfstfu, paris, passion, peace, perfume, period clothing, petite, philosophy, photography, photoshop cs3, photoshop cs3 extended, ragdoll kittens, reading, roses, rspca, sarah michelle gellar, seinfeld, selina kyle, sepia tone, skinny jeans, sleeping beauty, sophia myles, strength, subsisto verus, suzuki swift, svu, swan lake, sylvia plath, the blind assassin, the french language, the new me, the nutcracker, the princess bride, the robber bride, the rock, the simpsons, the sun, three pipe problems, twilight, university, vampires, vintage advertisements, warm blankets, why me?, writers, writing, wwe, x-files