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12:27am and counting - inconceivable!emjay's lj
All a girl wants is universal enlightenment and a decent paycheck
12:27am and counting
What happened to fearthefangirl?? That was going to be one of my big promotion places lol

Had a presentation at school for English, came out after class with my hands shaking. I don't understand because I was calm beforehand :/

Got an application form for a PO Box today *glee* I'll get it tomorrow, then put the community I've made up. I've put together the layout and everything.

Yes, I am going through with this. Despite the fact that it may seem creepy/embarrassing/pathetic/oddly endearing lol

Thank you so much to everyone who answered the poll and gave comments and stuff about the idea. It really means a lot to me that you guys want to help and don't think I'm completely crazy! (a little bit is okay)

Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen xx

P.S kissed_ where are you? I haven't seen you around for ages :(

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